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50 Pack Disposable Mask

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50 PCS are suit for family use. 

Respiratory Specialists said that disposable Mask is enough and good for anti Flu Anti-Bacteria Dust, convenient and reasonable price . 

We promise that every packager is safe and healthy.
We promise that warehouse shipments will be disinfected and isolated from viruses.
We wear masks and gloves to pack without contact items.
Tips: Please wash your hands after unpacking.

Keep safe and positive . 

The best disposable earloop masks are right for you.
Filter masks help reduce the viruses and bacteria that transmit the flu and keep your friends,family and others from contracting the cold.
The product uses non-woven fabrics such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and tape production processes,cellulose and paper/co-carbon steel aseptic for single use.
Dustproof, breathable, hypoallergenic and sterilized.
They block dust and microorganisms without causing stress or anaphylactic reactions to last through.
The smooth fabric uses reduced fabric falloff wash-free maintenance-free, convenient,practical, safer and healthier.
Please note
Pulling the strings too far from the sides while wearing a mask can also damage it.


Melt-blown non-woven filter paper, with aluminum strip, round rubber nose,folding
The respirator use: permeability is good Don't boring Can achieve the effect of dust The bridge of the nose with aluminum strip can be fixed role.
4mm widened ear bag with low pressure and more comfortable
Three fold design, anti-allergy, anti-bacteria, comfortable and breathable
No particle ultrasonic sealing edge, wear comfortable
Non-woven masks for one-time items, easy to use, and make relevant purification treatment,can be used for food. The medical,Pharmaceutical, electronics,textiles. Clean room operators, also can be used to do everyday products.
Advantages: ventilation, dust and filter bacteria

Item Type: Masks
Function: Personal
Material: Non-woven fabric
Size: about 9.5*17.5cm
Quantity: 1 pcs* Disposable mouth mask/50 pcs* Disposable mouth mask
Package Included:
1 pcs* Disposable mouth mask/50 pcs* Disposable mouth mask

DO NOT SHIP TO PO.BOX ADDRESS and Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other overseas states.