What is sensitive skin type ? 

What is sensitive skin

The type of skin which does not seem to highlight any disease physically but shows harmful effects when certain chemicals react to it is known as sensitive skin type. 

Sensitive skin is among the other skin types that are caused by many environmental and genetic factors. These include oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin and lastly the sensitive skin itself. You can check out our blog section to exactly know which skin type your body is suffering from and how you can treat the situation. 

What Does Sensitive Skin Look Like ? 

What does sensitive skin look like ?

Sensitive skin shows its effects after we expose to some chemicals, fragrances or dyes. After this, your skin would start changing its appearance that could be reddish or allergic depending upon how your genes reach them. This can turn up to intense problems if you keep rushing with hands or do not take care of them. We will study about more effective tips later in this article. Stay with it.

Sensitive Skin Symptoms and Causes

Sensitive skin symptoms and causes

There are many causes that can make your skin facing sensitive skin issues. These are caused by exposing your skin to :

  1. Chemicals, dyes and fragrances
  2. Too hot and too cold environment
  3. Photodermatoses
  4. Sunlight and heavy winds
  5. Eczema
  6. Rosacea
  7. Contact dermatitis

These can affect not even the face but each part of the body including hands, legs and feet etc.

If your skin shows any of the following symptoms and signs after exposure to dyes, chemicals or fragrances then you are sadly to be facing a sensitive skin issue. These symptoms are : 

  1. Itching
  2. Peeling
  3. Cracking and bleeding
  4. Redness and ashy look
  5. Swelling
  6. Burning
  7. tingling

Different Types of Sensitive Skin

Different types of sensitive skin

Based on the intensity of the symptoms discussed above, sensitive skin can be classified into following types : 

  1. Naturally inherited skin
  2. Environmental sensitive skin
  3. Thin skin layers
  1. Naturally Inherited Skin

Most of the people inherit the sensitivity from their parents. Means if any one of your parents either mother or father is suffering with sensitive skin problem then you are most likely to inherit the same features and face skin sensitivity. 

  1. Environmental Sensitive Skin

Some people feel allergic, itching or redness problems when they expose their skin to pollution, heavy winds, too hot or too cold weather. These people need extra care to stay way from such an environment that does not look to be satisfactory for them. 

  1. Thin Skin Layer

Depending upon geographic location, skin layer may also vary. People with hard skin are more likely not to face sensitivity issues while the case of people with thin layers is opposite. Their genes tend to react with these chemicals more fastly than people with hard skin. 

All of these types turn up to hypersensitive skin problems and do not take care and when these issues reach their peak, they are sometimes hard to handle and result in consultation with a doctor. 

Sensitive Skin Care Routine 

Sensitive skin care routine

It is mandatory to avoid makeup in this situation as it could take your skin to some harmful damages. Remove makeup if any using a good cleanser. Using cleanser is one of the best ways to remove makeup that can also be used to fade away any dirt or dead cell preset on the skin layer. Then use a moisturiser to lessen the dryness. Moisturizer helps our skin to grab the required amount of moist again. 

After moisturising your skin, use an effective toner as toner is used to refresh our skin glow and help staying required moisture on our skin. Then we can use some effective anti-allergic or beautify cream which is especially formulated for sensitive skin problems. 

Sensitive Skin Care Products

Since sensitive skin needs extra care and attention. You need to be very conscious while pickling up your skin care products. These products must include moisturiser as a compulsory member as sensitive skin has dryness and roughness on it. 

Moreover you need to use effective sunscreen and face wash as well which are non-fragrant and less harmful with little bit of moist in them. 

At Cutify, we care about your sensitivity issue and understand how much it is important to you to get rid of this problem in this situation. We sell original skin care products from Dr Botanicals which include sensitive skin face wash, sensitive skin lotion for dryness, sensitive skin moisturizer, sensitive skin sunscreen and all other effective products that your skin might need in these circumstances. 

Dr Botanicals is a brand which is known and highly aimed to provide pure skin care products to provide you healthier and riches brightening look. 

Sensitive Skin Treatment and Tips

Sensitive Skin Treatment and Tips

You need to be very careful during skin sensitivity time duration. There are some very important and must do tips to follow. These are as followed : 

  1. Always try to use shaving cream or gel
  2. Do not take shower for more than 10 to 15 minutes. 
  3. Do not use hot water during shower.
  4. Do not use dense chemical soap
  5. Try to avoid fragrances, dyes and chemicals which may harm your skin. 
  6. Prefer using essential oils instead of perfume. 
  7. Don’t scratch your skin to avoid an increase in problems. 

When To See Doctor

There is no doubt you can ignore the problem with tips mentioned above but what you could not take care somehow? If something wrong happens  to you, it is suggested not to touch the part of your skin which is causing that problem to be prominent. But if the issue is not resolving and redness is turning up into swelling to that part and you are unable to treat this situation at home, you must visit a good doctor in your area to help you get out of it. 

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