What Is Oily Skin ? What Are Causes of Oily Skin And How To Get Rid Of It?

what is oily skin

As clearer with the name itself, Oily skin consists of skin with excess of oil on it. Everyone needs a sufficient amount of oil on skin for perfect moisturizer but in some cases when we feel our skin to be greasy and heavy shiny such skin is oily skin.


what causes oily skin

Oily skin is not caused by birth but it happens with the passage of time depending on many factors. Some most important factors causing the oily skin problem are discussed below in detail :

  1. Genetics inheritance
  2. Living environment
  3. Improper diet
  4. usage of irrelevant skin care products
  5. Overwashing your skin
  6. Usage of irrelevant skin care products

Genetics inheritance

It’s like a tree that its sub-branches produce exactly the same products that parent branches are already producing. Similarly if one of your parents or both have oily skin then you are also most likely to have the oily skin as you grow. These overactive sebaceous glands are not caused by the environment but your genes only. 

Living Environment 

You may also face oily skin issues if you are living in the hot environment. Hot environment tends to stimulate the secretion of sebum and as a result you get oily skin with the passage of time. On the other hand if you live in a cold environment then  you are more likely to have dry skin. 

Improper diet

Our diet affects our body functions. If you love to have excess sugar or dairy products like lollies, soft drinks then you are most likely to have oily skin. It may also cause excess usage of refined carbohydrates which includes fast food like burgers, pizza or fries which are highly processed. 

Overwashing your skin

If you have oily skin and you wash it many times a day just to get rid of oil, then you are wrong and you need to change this routine. This is because when you are removing oily from your skin again and again you are not just removing the oil but you are alerting your sebaceous glands to go into emergency mode to regenerate the oil which then produces even more oil on your skin.  

usage of irrelevant skin care products

Skin is a sensitive part of the body which needs extra attention and care. When we use unknown skin care products without making sure their side effects and discussing with your doctor then you may get the opposite results to your expectations. In this case, not only your money would be wasted but your skin might turn even worse which no one wants to have. 


symptoms of oily skin

By the following symptoms you can easily identify either you have oily skin problem or not : 

  1. Greasy skin surface

  2. Pimples

  3. Large skin pores

  4. Blackheads

  5. Excess of shine on skin


how to get rid of oily skin

  1. Wash your face regularly

  2. Dry the face with soft towel

  3. Use toner

  4. Use facial mask

  5. User moisturizer

  • Wash your face regularly

  • Wash your face two times a day but don’t overwash your face as it may turn in excess amount of oil on your skin whose reason has already been discussed in details above.

    There are some important tips to keep in mind while washing your face : 

    1. Make sure to wash your face by choosing the right face wash or cleansing bar.
    2. Use warm water to wash your face. 
    3. Try to use the products in face washing which may include salicylic acid,  glycolic acid,  beta-hydroxy acid or benzoyl peroxide as these acids tend to produce clear skin with less to no side effects. 

    Note : 

    Before choosing a cleansing product, just make sure to use a slight amount of that product on a small portion of your hand to analyse how this product affects your body. If it does not feel allergic or unsuitable then you are good to go with it. 

    Dry the face with soft towel

    Make sure to pat your skin with a soft towel in order to dry. Instead, if you use the towel in rubbing style to dry your skin, you are most likely to be responsible for affecting the outer protective layer of your skin which contains dead skin cells.

    Use toner

    The next step to follow after cleansing and drying your skin with a soft towel is to use effective toner. Toners are basically lotions which look to contain hydrogen and oxygen but they contain much more than that as they may include antioxidants, acids, glycerin, and anti-inflammatories.

    Note : Make sure to choose your toner wisely depending upon the nature of your skin. These may include the skin with large pores, dull skin, mature skin, sensitive skin or even skin with an excess amount of oil. 

    Use facial mask

    As the time passes new formulas of face mask are being introduced by their manufacturers. But face masks that contain clay and honey are much more effective and preferred . 

    Clay face masks have a huge tendency to absorb the oil and control the shine of your skin. Moreover, a clay face mask Regulates Sebum Production and leaves your skin dry and smooth for a long period of time which also Unclogs and Shrinks Skin Pores by Oxygenating the Cells. 

    Honey itself is among such skin remedies of nature which have antibacterial and antiseptic abilities to clear acne and remove blackheads. Honey also helps you heal your large skin pores and controls the amount of oil which makes you terrible. 

    User moisturizer

    Since oily skin already has a greasy look with intense oil and shiny look. You need to use oil free moisturizer which may keep the sufficient and required amount of moisture on skin by eliminating the intense factor. 

    It is suggested to use Aloe Vera for moisturizing purposes of the skin as aloe Vera moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin without making it oily. It can be used with many useful ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Cucumber, Yogurt, Lemon juice, Oats and Honey etc.

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