What Is My Skin Type And How I Can Improve It ?

what is my skin type

Have you ever thought about what is my skin type and what are the symptoms which are causing the skin to be like this and what are the steps that may help to make your skin brightening, clear and smooth for young and long lasting skin? If Yes, you are at the right place where we would be discussing in detail the different skin types, their symptoms and what step we can take which actually might be helpful to change our skin care. 

There are several types of skin but the most important among those are 5 that we would be focusing throughout the article.

Skin types may depend upon genes or environmental factors. But we can switch from one skin type to another by carefully following the steps that are advised to adopt.                             

  1. Oily Skin
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Combination Skin
  4. Normal Skin
  5. Sensitive Skin

What is oily skin

what is oily skin

The type of skin in which women feel a greasy layer on the surface of their skin is called oily skin. Oily skin tends to have more shiny skin than usual which blackheads and pimples as well. 

What are the causes of oily skin

what are the causes of oily skin

There are many causes of oily skin. The most important causes among these are as followed : 

  1. Overwashing your skinwashing your face once or twice a day is enough but when we tend to wash over and over, our hormones create more oily than before which causes more oil.
  2. Genetics inheritance - genes play a major role in skin type. If your parents have oily skin then you are more likely to have the same skin type which is very common. 

  3. usage of irrelevant skin care products - sometimes when we use irrelevant skin care products without consulting a skin care specialist, we might face side effects. 

  4. Improper diet - proper diet is very important for health life and hence skin. If we do not take proper and healthy diets we are more likely to look old and dull. 

  5. Living environment - Environment affects the human skin very much. People living in cold environments are more likely to have dry skin and people living in hot environments are more likely to have oily skin. 

What is Dry Skin ? 

what is dry skin

The type of skin in which our outer skin looks to be rough and itching is called dry skin. Dry skin is an equally common skin problem in both males and females. Itching is the most common reason and symptom of dry skin. 

What are the causes of dry skin ?

causes of dry skin

Most important causes of Dry skin are as followed : 

  1. Medical history - medical history has a huge influence on our skin. If you ever take meditation for eczema or allergy then you are more likely to face dry skin issues in the future if you do not take care properly.

  2. Age factor - As you grow, you get older and older with the passage of time. This is a medical factor and proven concept that as you get older, your skin tends to generate less oil and as a result, you might face dry skin issues. 

  3. Environmental effect - Dry skin mostly causes winter season in cold and dry environments. The effect of dry skin in the winter season increases to extremes in less humidity when the amount of water vapors get down to the required amount for a healthy atmosphere. 

  4. Less usage of drinking water - when we drink less amount of water in our daily routine, our skin misses to provide appropriate amounts of water to the epidermis skin layer which causes our skin to be dry.

  5. Over washing of skin with rough soap - washing the skin over and over with harsh soap tends to turn our skin dry as it steals away your skin moisturizer. 

What is combination skin ? 

what is combination skin

The type of skin in which few patches of your skin are dry and few are oily is known as combination skin. In this situation, your skin is neither completely dry nor complete oily. Most importantly, you face much more oil in the T-zone than other parts of the face. 

T-zone refers to the forehead, nose, and chin of the human face. 

What are the causes of combination skin

causes of combination skin

  1. Using incorrect skin products - when we use so many skin care products without consulting the doctor searching deeply for them, we might miss to get desired results. These chemicals leave your skin damaged which leads you to have combination skin. 

  2. Genetics - Genetic influence can never be ignored as it is really of our human systems that we inherit from our parents. If any of your parents or both are facing combination skin problems then you are more likely to have the same skin type. 

  3. Environment - different weather seasons have different impacts on our skin. Hot weather has high humidity which leads to an excess amount of bacteria in your skin pores and you face blackheads and pimple issues. On the other hand in the cold season our skin tends to generate very less amount of oil which leads to itching and itching issues and hence your skin turns into dry skin. 

What is normal skin ? 

what is normal skin

The type of skin which does not make you feel too oily or too dry is known as normal skin. Since normal skin sometimes makes you face occasional blemish issues but having normal skin means that you need less maintenance than oily skin treatment or dry skin treatment. When it comes to skin pores, in normal skin, you are most likely to have very tiny skin pores which look disappeared if looked by a distance. 

Note : Since it's the natural fact that as we get older and older, our skin also turns fade and dull with the passage of time. We need to maintain the present skin type with fine quality skin care products and try to make it better and better. 

What is sensitive skin ? 

what is sensitive skin

The type of skin which tends to easily react with fragrances, chemicals and dyes present in cosmetic products is known as sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is the mix of oily, dry and combination skin as it makes your skin feel reddish, itching and large skin pores with the blackheads caused by the environment.


What are the causes of sensitive skin

  • Environmental effect - Nature has been among the factors with most effects on human skin. Each weather season has its own reaction procedures on our skin. Sensitive skin is something which turns our skin to be fast reactive with chemicals, fragrances and dyes - the following factors help our skin to be super sensitive like this : 

  1. Extreme hot temperature
  2. Extreme cold temperature
  3. Heavy sunlight 
  4. Pollution 
  • Allergic factors - allergic factor is type of the contact dermatitis which occurs when our skin comes into contact with specific things like pollution, fragrances, coloring and dyes, nickel jewelry etc. There are so many other allergic causes which depend on human nature. 

  • Dry skin - since we lose required moisture in dry skin, we are more likely to turn our skin to be reactive with dyes, chemicals and fragrances which ultimately turns our skin to be sensitive.

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