What is Dry Skin, Causes, Types and Useful Remedies

The type of skin which looks itching, cracking and rough to scratch is known as dry skin. It is caused by many environmental and chemical factors but it mostly has been observed in people living at cold places. Dry skin issues can occur at multiple places of your body including face, feet, legs, body, neck, back etc. We can get rid of this uncomfortable and allergic problem by taking care using highly effective skin care products and home remedies. 

what is dry skin


Which body areas might face dry skin issues

There are a bunch of body parts that might be affected but most important areas of human body that are attached by itching are as followed : 

  1. Dry Skin Patches on Face and Their Causes

Dry skin patches on the face are common in winter months when humidity level goes down to its required position and as a result the moisture of our skin starts to fade if we do not take care properly. Dry skin patches on the face can also occur if we wash our face many times a day with rough soap. There are a lot of more causes of dry skin that we will study down this article. Stay with us.

dry skin patches on face

      2. Dry Skin On Feet And Their Causes

    Feet is one of those human body parts which have less oil glands. With fewer oil glands we walk all along day and night and take care of them very less which results in cracked, rough and dry heels. Dry skin on feet can be fixed by keeping our feet moisturized using some effective skin lotion and keeping our feet warm. 

    dry skin on feet

            3. Dry Skin On Hands And Causes

    Dry skin on hands is very common as our hands have many reasons to be dry. Our hands skin turns dry if we wash our hands many times a day. It may also occur by washing hands with hot water and using hand sanitizers again and again which results in evaporation of moisture of skin. 

    dry skin on hands

    Dry skin on arms, dry skin on legs, dry skin on back, dry skin on ears and dry skin on neck are other examples of human body areas that have their own causes and treatments. 

    Important symptoms and causes of dry skin to know 

    There are many factors that tend to be the reason for dry skin. Most important among them are as followed : 

    1. Age

      This is a known factor that as the human body grows, it gets older and older with the passage of time as well. When we are young, we have power and courage to keep moving and working. But when we get old, we start losing all our energies and hence our skin fitness as well. When we are  getting older, our body decreases generating more oil which turns our skin to dry due to lack of moisture. 

    2. Environment

      Environment plays an important role in affecting the type of human skin. Comparative to hot weather, cold weather is much more responsible for rough and dry skin. In intense cold weather, when humidity goes down to the required level, we face dry skin issues due to less amount of water vapors in the air.

    3. Overwashing Habits

      Overwashing is harmful for both oil and dry skin. Washing  hands and face or any other part of the body over and over with rough and improper soap dies the skin moisture which turns our skin to dry. 

    4. Medical History

      If you ever had Eczema, Psoriasis, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes and did not complete the treatment properly then you might have chances to face dry skin issues in future caused by itching, roughness and allergy. 

    Foods That Cause Dry Skin

    Each food has an impact on human health and each of them have their own benefits. But sometimes when we take amount of sufficient food at wrong time then it might affect our body and may turn advantage into disadvantage.  Foods high In vitamin A, coffee, refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol and salty foods are among those foods that cause dry skin problems. 

    Types of Dry Skin 

    Depending on the causes and symptoms of dry skin discussed above, different classes of dry skin have been classified in different types and the term which refers to link these types in dermatitis. 

    Dermatitis is basically the medical term that is referred to rashy, itching, rough, allergic and dry skin issues of the human body. Types of dermatitis are mentioned below : 

    1. Contact dermatitis

      Contact dermatitis issues occur when the human body comes in contact with an allergic surface. Different human bodies have different measuring factors for allergic symptoms. Some might have allergy to dust, some might have pollution or nickel etc.

    2. Seborrheic dermatitis

      Seborrheic dermatitis problem usually occurs on the scalp when a huge amount of oil is produced and we feel rashy and reddishness on our head. 

    3. Atopic dermatitis

      Atopic dermatitis is referred to eczema which is very common in young kids. This issue is caused by scaly dry patches appearing on the different parts of the surface of our skin. 

    Treatments And Home Remedies For Itchy Skin

    home remedies for itchy skin

    Stop scratching

    1. There is a famous saying 

    “ Care Is better than cure “ 

    Scratching the affected parts of the body does not heal the problem any little while it will increase the infection and may also result in bleeding if reached an extreme level. So keep your hands to keep yourself away from rough and allergy. 

    1. Use high quality moisturizer

      Moisture is very important for oily skin. If we do not have moisture on the skin, we do not have oil and if we don't have oil, we can not fix the dry skin issue which may also result in harmful results if not cured properly. 

    2. Be Cool

      - if you are facing an itching issue, use wet and cold cloth or ice and apply on the affected part of skin. Keeping your skin cold helps your body reduce the inflammation and contributes in itching. 

    3. Use Essential Oils Containing Menthol

      - Organic essential oil is one of the best remedies that can be effective to use at home. Try using the essential oil which contains menthol in it as menthol is essential oil which is found in mint plants family and helps to heal the itching, rashing and rough skin. 

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