What is combination skin ? types, causes and effective treatments

what is combination skin type

Combination skin type is a special type of skin in which few areas of our skin are oily and other areas are dry. The partition of this oily and dry combination is simple as the T-zone area of the face is oily or greasy while other remaining parts of your skin are drier or sometimes itching. In addition. T-zone area includes the forehead, nose and chin. 

Types of combination skin

types of combination skin

Keeping in mind the distribution of amount of oil and dryness on skin, combination skin can be classified in three types which are followed : 

  1. Dry combination skin
  2. Oily combination skin
  3. Sensitive combination skin

Dry combination skin 

The type of combination skin in which you feel more dryness on your face than glossy and shiny surface is called dry combination skin. In the condition, you feel a very sufficient amount of oil present in the T-zone which may also be neglected for instance if you have very extensive dryness. To treat this situation, you need to focus more on keeping your skin moisturised. 

Oily combination skin

The type of combination skin in which you feel more cringing and glossy on your face than brittle and dried areas is called oily combination skin. In this condition, you feel a sufficient amount of dryness on your cheeks which could also be neglected for instance. To treat this critical situation, you also need to focus on cleansing your beautiful skin which helps in clearing the load of shine on the skin surface. 

Sensitive combination skin

The type of combination skin in which you have an extreme amount of oily and shine in the T-zone area and extreme dryness and brittleness on cheeks is called sensitive combination skin. In skincare for sensitive combination skin, you can not use one product for a while face instead you need to use separate products for the T-zone area and separate for your cheeks in order to cure this problem. 

How to know if you have combination skin ?

How to know if you have combination skin

People mostly wonder which type of skin they have so they can start their routine according to that. If you are thinking that either you have a combination skin issue or not then I am going to explain it in a more detailed way. 

Sebaceous glands are responsible for the creation of sebum in the human body. If your body is producing more sebum than the required amount then your skin is producing more oil. But if sebaceous glands are product less sebum than required amount to your body then your skin is going to be drier. If this combination of the production of sebum is mixed up in a way that you are feeling your T-zone oiler, greasy or shine while your cheeks are dry and brittle then you are more likely to be facing combination skin type issues. 

What causes combination skin?

what causes combination skin

Based on different factors, combination skin type issue may arise due to one of the following causes 

  1. When your T-zone area is producing intense sebum while your cheeks are not even meeting the required level.
  2. When you go out to the sun without any adequate protection. 
  3. When you are having some stressful time in life or missing the daily exercise which your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Usage of skincare products which are not sufficient for your current skin condition.
  5. Genes inherited from parents. 

How to treat combination skin


how to treat combination skin

Since there are further three classifications of combination skin type, it is important to know the right type of your face and start the daily routine accordingly. Firstly go above and make sure to identify your combination skin type again from the above discussion in the types of combination skin section. Now if you have dry combination skin, you need to focus on cleansing and using slightly higher moisturised products. If you have oily combination skin, you need to ignore cleansing and focus on less moisturising products. And if you have sensitive combination skin then you would need to use separate products for the T-zone area and separate for the drier area of your skin. 

Best combination skin care products

best combination skin care products

If you are worrying about your combination skin issue, you might be wondering which skin care products are best suitable for this problem. There are plenty of local brands in the online market which aim to provide you with clear and natural skin but instead of providing benefits, they sometimes turn into serious skin damages. 

Dr Botanicals is always devoted to providing cosmetics products all over the world using natural extracts and ingredients for healthy and glowing natural skin. You can visit our website to buy all beneficial and effective products for your combination skin issue where we proudly provide Cleanser for combination skin, best moisturiser for combination skin, best night cream for combination skin and best face wash for combination skin.

Best skincare routine for combination skin

Best skincare routine for combination skin

Now you need to create a solid foundation for combination skin. For this, the following best skincare routine for combination skin might be very effective for you as it has been observed after successfully experimenting more than 400 women. Let’s dive right in them without wasting any time : 

  •  Use facial cleanser

Facial cleaner is very effective in removing the all day dirt and dead skin cells for your face. Make a routine to wash your face twice a day with such a facial cleanser which can help keeping your T-zone drier without drying up your cheeks. 

  • Exfoliate at least once a week

Make sure to use some effective face scrub at least once a week. This will help you remove the dead skin cells which can also turn your skin into complexion and dullness if not removed. But be aware not to over exfoliate your skin as it can turn into some serious problem rather than resolving combination skin issues. 

  • Stop touching your skin

“ Care is better than cure “. Since you don’t want your skin to turn into more complexion, you need to stay away from touching your skin as our hands carry dirt and germs which may increase the problem instead of resolving. 

  • Apply moisturiser

Since every skin needs a sufficient  amount of moisturiser, but when you are facing combination skin issues then you have an intense amount of oily in the T-zone area of your skin which needs to be taken care. Try using low-moisturiser products which can help to moisturize the dry areas of your skin without affecting more your T-zone areas. You can also use the moisturizing products on your cheeks only for some time till it looks fine to place a low moisturising product on the entire face. 

Makeup tips for combination skin

Makeup tips for combination skin

It's quite hard to stay the makeup on your face facing combination skin issues if you follow the important advice and guidelines before starting makeup as your skin might face a huge greasy look on T-zone and itching and redness on your cheeks after sometime of makeup. To avoid this problem, all you need to do is to moisturise your cheeks and let them dry for a short time. This will stabilize your skin cells to let your makeup stay for longer so you can enjoy more lovely event. 

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