Trending Haircut Styles for Men and Women

If you’re ready to take a break from relaxers and give yourself a new hair chop, then this write-up is for you. Irrespective of your hair type; curly, bumpy, full hair, or short hair, this prominent haircut list will have you looking fresh and stylish.

Some people can spend the equivalent of a small car in changing their wardrobes, but just 30 minutes on a barber’s chair can have the same effect if you’re brave enough to ask for a haircut out of the usual. So, what are we doing for you today? Well, we’ll be showing you trendy haircuts for men and women to help you stand out from the crowd of cliché haircuts. First, let’s look into the haircut for men.

Trendy haircut for men

Short back & sides haircut for men

This haircut is great for those that work in the office and can’t go too harsh. This classic hairstyle is one which will never go out of fashion. When this haircut original became popular (in the late 80s), it must have been styled with a heavy grease or oil based products. But since its coming back into trend in 2019, matte products are now used to style these classic men cut. If you want to add a touch of difference to this style, you can switch it up a little by adding a low fade or taper around the back and sides to give it a nice modern look.

The texture crop haircut for men

This haircut is a remix of the short back & sides haircut where the length top works with gravity and not against it. This haircut works with your natural growth pattern and it’s best for those with thick hair that has natural texture. You can ask your barber to leave plenty of length on the top which should be cut for bold, square texture.

Maintaining this hairstyle shouldn’t be a problem at all. By working a matte paste through your hands and applying on the hair you can create a softer, undone appearance. You can also use water-based pomades to create something with a smart and smoother finish.

The Tapered High & Tight haircut for men

The tapered high & tight haircut is a buzzing hairstyle right now for men, but on the wrong hands, things can look a little weird. For a sleek version of this cut, ask for a clipper guard with compact crop on the top, the finished cut should echo tradition but the textured and sharp cut on top will be of a modern touch. The artistry of this style is down to your barber, so don’t worry about the English terms you don’t understand, I bet your barber does. Wearing this style means you have to go back to your barbers regularly for touch-ups.

The Buzz Cut for men

Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with good head proportion. Before getting this hairstyle, feel your head for bumps, lumps as these will be visible. You can look at your head closely in the mirror and ask yourself “is this right for me”? once you have gotten that out of the way, you can proceed, but going all clear top is not going to look good on everyone.

The buzz cut can be in uniform length but small variations on your clippers’ guard can be the difference between lord of the rings character Gollum and Channing Tatum’s haircut. As it grows back, use products like matte paste to change the texture for a shiny polished look. A pomade-based product will also do the trick.

Trendy haircut for women

Chandelier layers haircut for women

This haircut is perfect for medium-length hair, and works with all hair types. An amazing feature of this cut is that it can be easily adjusted with your face shape. This style comes with layers that fall freely and precisely, adding volume that won’t be weighed down or flattened. Ask your stylist for smooth long layers at the back and graduated layers to help frame your face. Or your stylist can simply balance the layers with a long bang, styled to both sides.

No-Fuss Lob haircut for women

The no-fuss lob is a great hair trend to wear this year, and it suits any occasion. Just a little tousle here, a little texture there, and you’re all set with the most low maintenance haircut trend. Ask your stylist for a length that gazes the collarbone, and a little fame-framing never goes wrong.

Short choppy bob cut for women

The choppy bob cut is very popular right now, and when combined with a gray colour, it looks super amazing. Some say it’s for old folks but many young women are opting for this gray and white hair hues for a change. The choppy bob haircut doesn’t have to look tomboyish, but it can if you want. For a tomboy look, be sure to keep the bangs extra short and top extra choppy. Choppy bob cut works with any hair type. Your stylist can shape your hair into punky style with many dimensions. If you have thin hairs, shampoo it often.

Full and curly haircut for women

Women with curly hair are looking to embrace their natural curls and make the most of their texture. Give your curly hair more personality by incorporating tons of layers and heavy bangs to encourage the volume and movement. Ask your stylist for both external and internal layers to get the fullness you crave and it will also help the hair look less bulky and create shape. In terms of styling the cut, the key is to layer and ensure curls are 100% dry before touching them; then you can work on your curls without the worry of frizz.

Final thoughts

Trend or no trend, the primary reason for getting a haircut is to look good. So, as you go with the trend, make sure you wear a haircut that looks good on you. Your barbers and stylists can help you come up with styles that will enhance your beauty, have a conversation with them before doing a hair that you may end up regretting.

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