Ten Hair Colour Trends in 2019

2018 gave us a lot of things to remember; a royal wedding, teddy coats, the midterm elections, and more swoon-worthy hair colours than one year should be allowed to hold. While 2018 brought some unforgettable hair-styles, 2019 has proven to be a game-changer as you would find out as we go on.

Are you looking for an easy way to reinvent your look or easy ways to spruce up? Changing your hair colour is one amazing way to do that. But with countless styles, colouring techniques, and shades out there, choosing exactly how you want your hair to look may seem a bit of a hassle.

To help you out and save you the headache, we have compiled 10 stunning hair colour ideas to give you some inspiration when next you visit the salon. Whether you are leaning towards going lighter with blonde, transforming into a celebrity brunette, or you’re considering the red hair or the gray one, we’ve got you covered. Why not hurry and get that trendy hair colour before your friends beat you to it.

Illuminated brunette hair

According to Refinery29 (an entertainment company focused on young women), Brazilians are going crazy for this hair colour, with more than half of the customer requesting for the hair colour, now that’s what we call a trend! Want to hear the best part? It will last for 6 months at least. So if you’re looking for a cheap low maintenance hair colour, try Illuminated brunette hair.

Toasted coconut hair

Are you a brunette but you want to try some blonde looks? Let us introduce to you the toasted coconut hair. If you’re conversant with Instagram, you would have noticed how this hair colour is making waves. As explained by hair colourist Ami Rexroth; “it’s a rich, dark root that softly transitions and melt into blonder ends”. This hair colour is a hot trend right now and trying it out yourself will not be a bad idea.

Shadow hair

If the latest Instagram trends are anything to go by, 2019 is officially the year of dimensions. More people are avoiding flat colours such as plague and opting for colours with more dept. According to Allure, shadow hair is gaining rapid popularity. Shadow hair is simply adding natural-looking shadows to your hair and make your hair seamless, saving you the trip to a salon. This hair colour is a trend that mimics the ombré of years gone by. Explained by hair colourist Nikki Ferrara, she describes the hair as soft and organic. You can go for 5 to 6 months without retouching them.

Chilli chocolate hair

Some may argue that gingers and reds are the colours of the moment, but chilli chocolate hair is causing havoc in the market right now. This colour is made of deep chocolate brown with an auburn hue, to get the illusion of sun-kissed hair and looking natural at the same time. The name Chilli chocolate came from Amanda Leaman, for a self-explanatory reason- it looks like an expensive chocolate bar that is only used on special occasions.

Fruit juice hair

The fruit juice hair colour is another trend that will have brunettes jumping for joy, this trendy hair colour was coined by hair guru Alisha McAlister. “not sure what to name it” she said. It is a mix of blended fruit colours hence the name Fruit juice hair.


Rose Brown hair

Finally! A pastel trend that brunettes will love. The hair colour was crafted by hairstylist Thi Thoa Tu, and it is done by combining olaplex treatment, bleach, red, and brown dyes. This hair colour gives the best result if you have darker hair colour.


Going bright blond is quite a big move, but since it’s a trend, who cares! This colour requires an all-round commitment because of its maintenance demands but you are surely making a huge statement if you go on this hair colour. According to celebrity hair colourist Kari Hill, dying your hair platinum yourself is doable as it involves less hassle because of your natural hair colour, but for other hair colours, please visit your stylist to help you through it.

Dusty copper

This colour is a mixture of natural tones and copper so it doesn’t give you a shouty feel such as orange when you step out in the sun, but just a silky, rich, warm colour. This hair colour is a good way to switch it up this year and not get left behind in terms of trends.


Honey blond

Do you have a dark complexion and want a lighter hair colour? The Honey blond is totally for you. But this isn’t a change you’ll achieve overnight, it’s a gradual process and you will get blonder with time. Beyoncé’s stylist Rita Hazan advised if you’re preparing for a big change, endeavor to maintain a healthy hair between appointments with your stylist. Use hair masks, and apply coconut oil while going to bed. If you have dry or damaged hair, the colour will fade quickly because it lacks the nutrients to stay healthy and hold those colours. Try as much as possible to often condition your hair to keep the colour vibrant.

Root smudging

For lazy and noncommittal people, these darker roots are for you. Stylists know the hassle of having to visit the salon every month for touch-ups, so they developed the root smudging to make your hair look lived-in and allows it to grow seamlessly to help you stretch the amount of time you visit the salon. And for those that want their hair to still look as natural as possible even after colouring? Mission accomplished!

Final thoughts

Don’t get left behind in 2019, join the trend train and look current. There’re countless trendy colours to choose from, however, picking a suitable colour is important. Don’t pick colours that doesn’t look good on you in the name of trends or just because your friend look amazing on them. There are factors to consider before picking a suitable colour such as skin type and your hair type. If you’re finding it difficult to pick one that suits you perfectly, visit your stylist, am sure they can come up with a hair colour that reflects originality giving you a unique look of your own.

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