Quick Makeup Tips for Summer

As summer approaches and the weather heats up, it’s going to be harder to wear makeup that not only looks good but also lasts long. Summer is the time for beach vacations and pool parties – and hot humid weather that melts our makeup. It can be difficult to get makeup to stay in the summer that’s why summer makeup approach is completely different from winter makeup where you don’t have to bother about your makeup running down your face and ruining your look. Fortunately, we have come up with some tips and hacks to help you look cool and composed even during summer.

Less is more for the skin

One of the things you should always consider during summer makeup is that less is more. In the heat and humidity, makeups can melt down your face, which is bad news for anyone. Also, nobody wants clumps of powder and cream on their skin due to hot weather, so it’s best you keep things light and breathable. If you must use a concealer, remember less is more. Too many makeup layers will increase its melting chances, so keep thing simple, yet beautiful.

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin is one of the easiest and very powerful makeup tip to help you make it through summer. You should keep your skin moist, and using the proper skin moisturizers is advisable for getting the best result. Foundation will help your makeup stay longer, but in the heat, it tends to run. Try a tinted moisturizer instead (preferably sunscreen moisturizers) for a smooth and easy finish. Apply as much moist as possible after every face wash, consider products like whitening lotion, skincare moisturizer, or anything else that will help narrow the skin pores.


Concealers will come in very handy during the summer season. Apply the concealer on every part of your face and neck for hiding the dark circles using your fingertips. Once applied, the next thing is a proper massage for a better feel. Ensure to use your finger pores so that every part of your skin gets proper and complete moisturizing.

Don’t use too much face powder

During the summer period, it’s important to remember that too much face powder is bad for makeup. Because it can damage your skin. Ordinary cream tends to run, but powder can be worse when mixed with sweat. For your eyes and cheek, try cream products with silicon to help your colour stay in place. Before applying shadow, use primers for your eyelid to help it cling. Always remember that less is more; only apply colour where it’s needed and avoid layering products.

Primers will help keep your makeup in place on the skin. The primer will help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for a smoother look. In other words, primer will create the ideal surface for your makeup.

Bronzer is a must

Use a liquid or cream bronzer to make your skin tan and glow. Apply the bronzer on the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit you such as the forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones, chin, cheeks, front of the throat, and jawline. Bronzers will give you a healthy, just-from-the –beach, sun-kissed look. For that classic summer makeup, pair your bronzer with nude shades. Put on your favourite nude lipstick and a shade or two from a neutral eyeshadow palette. Another bronzer tip is pairing it with blush. Blush will add dimensions to a face with a uniformly warm-hued bronzer. For that trendy summer look, go bronzer on the eyes. A bronze lid in chestnut, copper, or rusty hue will give you a brighter bronzed face for a perfect summer eye makeup look.

Tread lightly with foundation

A full face of heavy foundation is difficult to pull off during summer. Even with powder, makeup setters, and primer, foundation won’t stay due to the incredibly hot weather. To help deal with this issue, we advise you tread lightly with the whole makeup thing. You can blend your foundation with your finger, but using buffing brushes will give you a smoother blend. This method will help blend the product perfectly with your skin so it doesn’t slide in the heat.

Another important thing to remember about summer makeup is that your face needs to be clean. Clogged pores with sweat and dirt will deprive your makeup the surface it needs to look great. Use cleansing facials like 24k vitamin C facial cleanser to help keep your skin looking good.

Use mineral makeup

Another way to maintain makeup during the heat is to use mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is known for its staying power and lightness. It goes onto your skin easily plus it looks completely natural giving you that perfect natural looks for summer. When combined with a great primer, the result is amazing and no matter how hot and muggy it gets, the makeup will not slide off your face.

Summer heat can cause an oily skin to be oilier. For this reason, ensure to carry oil blotting sheets around with you. Use the blotting sheet to soak up excess oil and keep your skin dry so that your make up can stay longer.

Final thoughts

Especially during the summer, maintaining an all-day fresh makeup is a hassle for most women. Between the sweat on your face and the heat, it’s almost impossible to keep makeup on your skin all day long. Using the above tricks should help you get started and as time goes on, your summer makeup skill will greatly improve so you can wear that gorgeous makeup all day.

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