How to Increase Bookings for Salon Owners

Just like any other business in London, it’s important for salon and beauty studio owners to keep getting new customers while it’s equally important to keep the existing customers. At the end of the day, what really matters to salon and beauty studio owners is the number of appointments happening every day and the conversion rate.

Managing a beauty salon London is no easy feat. Between organizing the agenda, managing contractors, and promoting the salon, there is always something to work on. Even the most experienced managers sometimes still need to take a step back, re-strategize and see how they can improve the business because there is always a better way.

You may have invested in the best salon cushions the market has to offer and interior decoration to die for, but if you can’t get new customers into your salon or beauty studio, you may as well be throwing money down the drain.

This write-up will not only help you find new ways to increase your salon bookings, but it will also help you learn how to retain your existing customers.

#1 Be visible

Your beauty salon may look amazing with the best stylist in London and have all the right elements to provide top-notch services to customers. But if you’re not visible to your audience, then you’re most likely not getting new customers to your salon. Below are a few channels to help you increase your visibility;

  • Social media: In this present world, there is no way you can avoid social media except you’re not ready for growth. With social media, you can reach millions of potential clients and sell your services to them. Use high quality videos and images to showcase your services to them and state clearly what you offer and why they should use your services.
  • Website: Every customer will like a detailed information about a service before they can buy that service. Give them a place where they can read about your business, your services, and even show them some work you have done in the past. Having a website shows professionalism and also helps you build trust with your potential clients.
  • Google business listing: If your business is not a partaker of the goodies Google offers then you’re making a huge mistake. Google is 10 times the most visited website in the world and every business needs Google for growth. Do you want to help your clients find your address? Or contact number? Am sure your answer is yes. Google business listing is all the answer you need.  Potential customers are always looking for salons near them and Google is the best guy to ask. Also, tell your existing clients to review your business on Google to help new customers walk-in
  • Blogging: Some customers will like to know everything about your business. From your salon products, the kind of style that will suit them, to the colors they would like on their hair. Blogging will help you serve these customers and in return, you get their trust. Blogging provides detailed information on everything about beauty services. It’s the place where clients go-to for education.
  • Cutify:  To increase online salon booking London, Cutify is the best platform to help your business grow organically and without any hassle. Do you want the best for your business? List your business on Cutify and watch new clients roll in on a daily basis. Oh! What Cutify can do for your business? Cutify is a booking platform for salon and beauty studio owners like yours. In other words, Cutify links your business to new clients. So if you’re a salon and beauty studio owner in London, enlist your business with Cutify today and watch clients flow in. Did I mention its free? To list your business on Cutify is totally free. Other booking platforms will charge you 35% which means 42% of your turnover when applied VAT, this leaves you with just 58% to pay all the business costs such as rent, employees, suppliers, and so on. In the end, you’ll have close to nothing left. With Cutify, our booking platform is free and we don’t charge commissions per booking.

#2 Increase customer engagement

To help you keep you existing clients, you need to build a relationship with them. If you have something in common with a client, maybe you both like the same football team, start from there and build communication. Clients like to go where they will feel loved, relaxed, and welcome. Make them feel special and they will never let you go. Here are a few benefits of customer engagement;

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Boost your referral chances
  • Help understand customer needs better
  • Brand building
  • Increases word of mouth marketing

Here are the various ways you can increase client engagement at your salon;

  • Collect feedbacks: Getting customer feedbacks will not just help you understand their needs better, it will also give your customers a method to communicate about the service and in any relationship communication is key.
  • Remember their birthdays or anniversaries: Wishing your clients well on their special day or giving them special discounts on their birthdays makes your customers feel loved and appreciated.
  • Inform your clients about festive offers or other discounts: Everybody likes discounts, reach out to your customers and tell them about your offers and upcoming events. Am sure they’ll like that.

#3 Give Amazing service and customer experience

As it is with all businesses, customers are the ultimate. Every customer wants to feel pampered and special each time they walk into your salon. From the neat and tidy store to expert stylists, everything helps in giving a better experience to your clients. Below is a list of things you need to take care of if you want your customers happy:

  • Train your staff to always attend to customers with a smile no matter the circumstance
  • Talk extensively with your client to better understand what they need
  • Be consistent with the quality of your service
  • If possible, go beyond the expectations of your client all the time.

Final thoughts

Getting more clients to your salon and beauty studio is not as daunting as it seems. With the above tips, you can easily get new clients in no time. And with a platform like Cutify, all your worries of getting new clients are over. Simply enlist your salon and beauty studio on Cutify then go to sleep and let us do what we do best which is getting you new clients every day.

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