Nail Treatment at Home: A Relaxing Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

London life is pretty fast-paced, but mobile nail technicians can come to your home and get your manicure, pedicure service done and gel nails at home London as well, so there is no excuse not to have perfect nails. With Cutify, manicure at home or pedicure at home is a hassle-free experience as we’ll help you find professional freelance technicians in London. For a fact, a perfectly manicured, pedicured, and gelled nail makes us feel instantly chicer, pulled together and confident. With Cutify, the whole process is made easy and stress-free.

Benefits of Gel Nails at Home London

Manicure at Home – Comfort, and Relaxation 

When it comes to manicure, pedicure and gel nails at home London, the level of comfort you get is one key benefit. It is a true pampering experience. You’re in a familiar space, you can even be watching TV and enjoying a glass of wine while you get your nails done.

Saving time

For most clients, the amount of time they’ll save in-home service is their biggest draw to mobile services. Traveling to and fro from the salon and the wait time for your appointment is a lot of hassle and Cutify is designed your experience stress-free. If you work late hours, it is very likely that all the salons near you must have closed up by the time you get back from work. This is where a mobile service comes in handy. All you need to do is get in touch with Cutify and we will find you a freelance technician who will be ever-ready to serve you at your convenience.


Pedicure and manicure at home do not only save your time but also saves you the trouble and stress of going to the salon. The disabled, the elderly, and those with very young kids benefit greatly from this. Without home service, some of these customers may forgo their nail treatment but not anymore as Cutify got you covered.  For high profile clients, manicure at home and pedicure at home are often a better choice for them for privacy reasons without forfeiting quality.

Best for a large number of clients

Home services aren’t just reserved for one or two persons, they can be arranged for larger groups such as social event nail treatment, wedding nail treatment whereby the bride and all her bride’s maid are taken care of or even get together with friends. It can be an almost impossible task to book a salon appointment for all these people at once.

5-star service

Professionals working as a mobile technician choose this path overworking at a regular salon because of the flexible work hours and far better commissions. Which means we’re likely to get the best out of a freelance technician than the traditional salon technician.

The benefits of home service are at a level of convenience a salon can’t compete with. Even if you’re less concerned about the saved time, home nail treatment is an amazing treat to oneself to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your home.


Hiring a professional technician vs doing it yourself

Professionals give your nails a touch of excellence that I don’t think you’d get by doing it yourself. You may want to do your nail treatment yourself at home because of the hassle of going to the salon. With freelance technicians you have nothing to worry about, they can come to your house at your convenience and give you that celebrity treatment you may not get from going to regular salons.

The benefits of hiring a professional for your nail treatment include much more than just looks of your hands and feet. And when I say benefits am not referring to just the beauty aspect alone but also the long-term health benefits too. There is more to pedicure and manicure than just filing nails and putting a coat of polish.


Dirt and harsh weather influence most parts of our body, especially our nails. This means that they generate new skin cells and gather dirt quickly. Walking on shoes all day can create calluses and other skin conditions.

You may not know all these things but a nail technician is trained to deal with all the discomforts that come with your nails. The soaps and lotions technicians use for your nail treatment provides cleaning and exfoliation to your nails. All dirt and dead skin cells are removed as well as all the calluses from the bottom of your feet. You might not know that nail treatment also helps to distribute your weight evenly. In the longer run, consistent pedicure reduces leg and back pain that you usually because of standing for long.

Improvement in blood circulation

Special cuticle treatments and moisturizers provide proper skin hydration and nourishment to your nails. I bet you don’t use all these when you treat your nails yourself. Also, technicians will gently massage your arms, lower leg, hands, which improve blood flow and relieve aches and pains.

Stress relief

After a stressful work week, nothing helps you unwind and relax like sitting in the comfort of your home, sipping coffee, going through your favorite magazine, and having your nails treated and massaged. Both the mental and physical health benefits of getting a manicure and pedicure at home are incredible.


Looking fabulous and keeping up to trends is important to women. A woman who oozes beauty from head to toe is sure to impress any man she meets. Nicely cleaned and painted nails add to your feminine power. Beautiful nails also accentuate sexiness! Remember, the first impression lasts a lifetime, so when you meet new people your nails should impress them and not scare them.

Final thoughts

Having your nails done at home is the new cool in London! And working with a reputable brand like Cutify in finding the best freelance technician in London means nothing would ever go wrong. With Cutify, you’re guaranteed nothing less than a 5-star service and an experience am sure you’d brag about with your friends.

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