Mobile Hairdresser London: All about mobile hairdressing services

mobile hairdresser is a professional for hairdressing who works outside the premises of a beauty shop or hair salon. There are important instances when a hairdressing service is required inside the comfort zone of a home or a house like a wedding since it would be inconvenient for a bride to travel to a beauty salon to get her hair fixed and her makeup done then travel back to her home to wear the wedding gown. For such reasons, it is the hairdresser who travels to the home in order to render his or her professional services to clients and customers. Beauty and technology have joined hands to bring the professionals to you. You know that in New York and LA you don’t need to go to a hair salon or a makeup artist because they come to you. It seems like the art of luxury and the good news is that these services are now accessible in England and especially in London. If you are looking for a mobile hairdresser in London, you’ve come to the right place. You can easily find out the best mobile hairdressers in London

How to start as a good mobile hairdresser in London

Mobile hairdressing services in London are gaining hype these days. So if you’re a hairdresser who’s tired of Working in a salon, and want to work for yourself, then mobile hairdressing can be a good way to  startup your own business. So here’s a guide for how to start as a mobile hairdresser in London:

  • Having the essential equipment: The first thing you would need to set up is the right tools. You’ll need salon quality hairdressing equipment including a range of scissors and Combs, a professional quality hair dryer straighter etc. If you want to offer things like bleaching and dying, you’ll need to find a good supplier for all these chemicals. A professional looking case is important to take your tools to the clients.
  • Finding clients: Online market has made this step much easier for you. After registering on a website, clients can find you easily increase your customers daily. They also set up a calendar for you so you can easily respond to the bookings.
  • Further marketing: You should explain the services you offer on the website. You should show pictures of the work you’ve done and also explain your prices and how far you’re willing to travel. An SEO company plays a big role in the process of marketing. Social media marketing can also be a strong ally.
  • You should be presentable with neat and appropriate hairstyle, hands, face, and teeth just as you would be working in the premises of a salon.

How to make your clients feel special??

The first thing to remember as a mobile hairdresser is that each and every one of your clients needs to be made to feel special. The time they have booked with you is only their time and their time alone. Try to limit the number of phone calls you take while you are with one client if possible turn your phone off until you leave. Don’t talk nonstop about yourself, your clients are interested in hearing all about you and what you are up to since they saw you last but they also want to feel that you’re interested in them. Try to remember at least one thing about them their children’s name, where they work etc. Another way to make them feel special is to listen and take them seriously when they talk about their hair. Many clients are difficult to please and but your job as a hairdresser is to make them feel that they are easy to please, realistic and a joy to work with.

Client retention

Bearing in mind that your clients are the most important asset, you must get into the habit of doing everything within your power to retain their business. You need to keep some database so you can review it regularly. A simple spreadsheet is all that is needed. Have columns with the name and addresses of your clients. Once a week you must update the spreadsheet from the information in your diary. Look at the dates of your overdue clients. Once these clients become more than a month overdue, they are considered as lapses. Never forget about your lapsed clients. They are far more valuable for you than you feel. Getting them back may be a lot cheaper than getting new clients to replace them through costly advertising or promotions. Your previous clients know you well, they’ve tried you out and they know that you are professional and skilled. Whatever their reasons for not showing up, there is every chance you can win them back.

Mobile hairdresser vs. salon hairdresser. What’s right for you??

Working in a hairdressing salon

The opportunity for a spontaneous walk-in appointment is higher in a salon. And if you’re taking over an established beauty salon, you can enjoy the benefits of an existing base of loyal customers. However, the start-up costs of launching your own beauty salon would be high. Clients are unlikely to travel for a quick post work treatment. A salon has set opening hours, meaning you wouldn’t have the freedom of other self-employed professionals.

Going Mobile

Mobile hairdressers have more flexibility, if you want to take a Friday afternoon off; you can without worry about the specific timings in a salon. It gives you a more personal and intimate relationship with your clients and you can travel to meet them, if they move to another part of town.

Managing time as a mobile hairdresser for the customers

You should not mess with your clients when it comes to their time. Time management is one of the most important skills of the mobile hairdresser and one of the hardest skills to master. Clients can begin to start getting fed up with you always being late, always being rushed and always chasing your tail. Once you’ve worked out your initial figures and come up with your minimum hourly charge, you need only to make sure your prices reflect this and there is no need to pack in too many clients into too short time slot. You should know your area very well so you can more accurately predict traveling times. Your clients are also busy people that’s why they want to have you. So you should always keep them first.

Benefits of a mobile hairdresser

Sometimes an appointment at a saloon seems too much of hassle. Either you’re too busy or you just don’t feel like leaving home. For such situations, a mobile hairdresser is great for people who believe for getting pampered and want to look their very best within the confines of their homes. Few benefits of hiring a mobile hairdresser in London are:

  • It can be a life saver at weddings: A wedding means busy and hectic schedule for people like the bride, her mom, the family and friends. Now imagine all of these people are waiting to be driven to the beauty parlor for their blow dry and makeup. To see that everyone gets an individual attention and detailing which is necessary, it’s often a good idea to higher the services of a mobile hairdresser in London.
  • Hairdressers for the aged: Just because people are old, it doesn’t mean that they don’t require grooming services. These elderly people most of the time cannot leave their home due to some disabilities. In such cases, a mobile hairdresser can attend to the coiffure and grooming needs. All you have to do is book an appointment and rest assured that your folks are being given the right treatment.
  • Hairdresser for Busy moms: Leaving the kids and going to a hairdressing salon is a luxury which not all busy moms can afford. The best option is to hire a mobile hairdresser for that much needed blow dry, and also you don’t have to worry about the kids. You can enjoy your services without having to worry a great deal and keep an eye on the children as well. And mobile hairdressers these days are planning to go to an extra mile to make sure you look your very best.
  • Saves time: Visiting a salon sometimes means having to drive through traffic, trying to find parking space and generally having a tough time getting to the salon. A mobile hairdresser can save you a lot of time and inconvenience since they are the ones to do the driving while you relax at home.
  • Hairdressing services delivered to the home are beneficial for the families who prefer to have the whole family’s hair needs at the same time.
  • An advantage of mobile hairdressing is that it often costs much less than done in a salon since the overhead is much lower for the stylist.
  • Mobile hairdressing allows clients to have the option of stylists styling their hair in their own homes. Many people find this alternative more convenient than going to a salon.

Everyone wants to look their best but the world of beauty can be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to hair. Everyone wants a better and budget friendly service for your hair care. If you’re not having a high budget for your hairdressing or a haircut, need not to worry as you get a cheap hairdresser or a cheap women’s haircut in London easily available at your place.

Some of the top mobile hairdressers in London are Emily Hunte, Zoe Mobile Hairdressing, KRT Hair Design and Naomi Hair. These hairdressing services provide one of the best hairdressers in London.

Apart from the mobile hairdressers, London is full of talented stylists and the salons to back them where all requirements and budgets are catered for. The top hair and beauty salon in London are:

  1. Larry King: Probably one of the biggest names in hairdressing. He usually works for people like David Beckham. His beautifully structured haircuts are well known, as well as being the master of cutting curls. You can find his boutique salon in South Kensington.
  2. George Northwood: George Northwood is the man you want to see if you are considering a drastic look change. This hairstylist is known for being responsible for the famous locks of Alexa Chung or Rosie Huntington.
  3. Hershesons: With their new flagship salon on Berners Street, a beauty shop with a cafe included, you will be able all the beauty services you can imagine: DryBy on nails, Sunday Riley, Dr. Barbara Sturm and The Light Salon offering skin treatments, plus Suman Brows and the Ministry of Waxing.
  4. Four Salon: The kind of swish Mayfair salon where you will find the best positive vibes and relaxation ⁠— Located in Conduit Street, you will find there top-quality hairdressers specialized in color treatments and maintenance, probably the best in London for these treatments with 40 years of experience.
  5. Paul Edmonds London: aka the hair partner for the British Academy Film Awards is located in Battersea Power Station. This place has a restaurant inspiration and it is all about luxury, it also has a blow dry bar for express hair and nails which is amazing for a quick treat.

These salons do not provide the mobile hairdressing services so choosing a mobile hairdresser is still a better option. A mobile hairdresser in London effectively goes to the client’s locations and cuts, dyes or styles their hair there. This can be for normal routine cutting and styling or it can be for specific occasions such as styling hair for wedding, proms and other events where the client wouldn’t want to make a trip to a salon.

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