How to Become a Successful Freelance Makeup Artists in London

Are you pursuing a career in makeup artistry in London? If your answer is yes, then you should consider freelance makeup as it is highly desirable. As a freelance makeup artist, you’re at liberty to set your own working hours, pay rates, choose your clients, and build a brand that you can be proud of.

Whether your aspiration is to create gorgeous looks for brides on their wedding day, work with beauty gurus come fashion week or a front runner markup artist for celebrities, there is one thing every successful makeup artist have in common: determination. Though the glitz and glamour of the markup industry can be enticing, charming, and sexy but it requires a lot of hard work not to mention its competitiveness. If you’re reading this, then you’re in luck as there are countless ways to make it to the top of the food chain as a freelance makeup artist in London. With the huge beauty-loving community in London, there is already a hungry fan base waiting to drink up your creativity.

Learn how to do makeup properly

As you begin your career as a makeup artist, a certification and some experience under your belt are not enough. Hone your makeup skills as much as you can through online or offline makeup courses. For many aspiring makeup artists around the globe, formal education is not all that needed. But having a formal education can give you an edge if you are competing with someone who is lacking in that area.

Reflect on your services and markup skills

To be frank with yourself is the key to reflection. You’ve likely got a good skill set that’s work-ready when you’ve just graduated from the makeup school. But you still have a long way to go before you can call yourself a professional. Ask yourself some question: What am I good at? What do I need to improve on? How can I get better? What can I offer that no one else will?

In addition to practical skills, you will also need these things to succeed:

Organization skill: These are huge when it comes to time management, keeping track of your customers and making sure you make a profit in freelance jobs. Think about it–if you can’t maintain your appointment schedule properly, you might end up late or missing them entirely! This will impact your reputation as a freelance makeup artist, and in the process, you will lose customers.

Tech knowledge: You don’t have to be completely tech-savvy to become a makeup artist, but you definitely need to be comfortable with social media and the online culture. If you don’t already have a good presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, create accounts as quickly as possible. The same applies to a professional website— this is the main hub where all your marketing will point to and where people will look first to know your story and book an appointment.

Set boundaries for your freelance makeup business

Many newbies make the mistake of taking on as many clients as possible. It’s good though, but be mindful of burning out and you certainly don’t want to overbook yourself and run the risk of mixing up appointments.

As mentioned above, be honest with yourself about your makeup skills and the kind of services you’d be comfortable offering. Maybe you are comfortable with glamour makeups, or airbrush makeups, but bridal makeups have never been your stronghold or passion. Guess what! You can say no to bridal clients and concentrate on the clients you are confident of giving 100%.

Consider these boundaries as a stepping stone to bring out the best in you. A perfect understanding of your strength and interests will serve you well in the makeup industry and can result in more clients and a happier career!

Be assertive

This is where the ethics of your job is useful! You will need to be assertive in order to land these freelance makeup jobs. There are a number of ways to discover new customers, including reaching out to models and photographers searching for a makeup artist, approaching event and wedding locations, wedding planners, hair salons, and even making up for friends and family. Never underestimate the power of industry connections!

Additionally, maintaining a good online presence will increase the visibility of your makeup business. Schedule one or two hours each day to add fresh pictures to your website and social media accounts, chat with prospective customers, it helps strengthen your relationship.

Bear in mind that the word-of-mouth is a key ingredient to a successful makeup career. A customer who is happy with your service will tell their friends about you or share a five-star review on your Facebook page. Endeavor to have a business card so these happy clients can pass along your info and encourage others to follow you on social media. Referrals like this can seriously impact your career as a freelance makeup artist, and fast! That’s why it is important to focus on the type of markup you’re good at, as you will build a reputation as a good makeup artist in that area.

Stay current with makeup trends and keep learning

The finest makeup artists are those who are one step ahead of fresh trends in makeup and who continue to develop their abilities. It’s not good enough to just rest on your laurels. Just because in your makeup career you’ve hit a groove and earn a steady income doesn’t imply you should ever slow down. Customers will expect you to be on top of the beauty trends and be familiar with the recent makeup looks and the recent color palettes. They will be struck by your dedication to enhancement as a make-up artist, so do not hesitate to enroll in more lessons on make-up art that will improve your skills.

When you keep learning and stay relevant, you will be miles ahead of your competitors as a freelance makeup artist. Your bank of knowledge will set you apart from the rest. So keep learning and sharpening those skills and watch your business sky rocket.

Final thoughts

Like everything else, the beginning will always be rocky and full of hurdles. But what ensures continuity in the mist of all the challenges is your passion and determination to get to the top by doing what you love. Trust me, being a freelance makeup artist is super rewarding and when you follow simple rules like the ones listed above, you’re bound for great heights in the beauty industry. So, keep at it, enjoy it, and soon you will be glad you choose this field.


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