Hairdresser In London: What To Look For When Choosing a Hairdresser In London?

Importance of a good hairstyle

Your hairstyle can talk a lot about you, your personality and character. While wearing a trendy, simple yet character syncing hairstyle can portray you as a confident, career oriented, fearless and self-dependent woman, a bad hairstyle can talk just the opposite. Your hairstyle, in fact, is an extension of your thoughts and character and contributes a lot towards people’s perception about you; this is why you will need a hairdresser. A professional hairdresser knows the value a well done hairstyle can offer. Besides looking great for the others around you, a good hairstyle can also make you feel good about yourself. It can instill confidence and empower you to take on anyone with dignity. This article intends to guide you on finding the right hairdresser in London.

Hairdresser in London

London is a buzzing place and incredibly inclined towards fashion; however, fashion is dynamic and it is no different when it comes to hairdressing. There is no lack of hairdressers in London but what you really need to determine is their capabilities. While all hairdressers can work on basic hairstyles and nail art, not all of them can do the magic when you are looking for a hairstyle that best suits your face. It will require some research to find one that can provide satisfactory services.

Finding a hair salon is also tricky at times. If you are put up in an upscale neighborhood, the hair salons around you will be expensive but you might end up with a fashionable haircut. However, your aim must be to find the best hairdresser in London that can take on any hairdressing style with ease and confidence, at the same time quote affordable prices. Take some time out and do some detective work; it is certainly not impossible. Once you find the right person, you can build a long-standing relationship with the hairdresser for all your hairdressing needs.

Here are tips to choose a top hairdresser in London:

The hairdresser must be artistic

Hairdressing is an art. The hairdresser you choose must be able to guide and suggest the best hairstyle that can align with your facial features, hair texture and personality. Talk to your hairdresser what he/she thinks about the latest hair trends and what style you could carry to look great. If your hairdresser keeps attending hair trade shows and catches up with the new trends, he/she must be able to suggest the best one for the season. However, if you feel his/her answer is not convincing enough, perhaps you need to look for a different hairdresser. An artistic hairdresser should also be able to create a hairstyle exclusive to your hair type.

If you are looking to change your existing hairstyle completely, the hairstylist must have the ability to dress your hair in the most contemporary way while still syncing with your face, body type and taste. Ultimately you should be carrying a style that will earn compliments.

He/she must come with a rich hairdressing experience

Experience greatly counts. A hairdresser with years of experience in the industry can predict future hairstyling trends. Whether it is hair color, cut, straightening or curls, an experienced hairdresser in London can do wonders. With expertise and a passion for hairstyling, the hairdresser can also add a classic touch to your hair for you to admire.

An experienced hairdresser can analyze what works and what not for your face. Not all styles suit everyone. The cute cut your most adored celebrity carries might not go well with the shape of your face or the texture of your hair. The hairstyle you get must adapt to your overall personality for you to look great. The best hairdresser can suggest you a different style that can make you set trends.

Find an experienced hand to deal with your hair because you cannot afford mistakes when it comes to your beauty.

Credible Relationship

Does the hairdresser you are looking at interested in building a long-standing relationship with you? Does he/she have the time and interest to talk to you, listen to your wants and expectations? If yes, you can go ahead with the hairdresser. Otherwise, it is better to look for someone else.

When you visit your hairdresser for the first time, choose a free and quiet time so that your hairdresser can spend some time with you. If you really feel he/she is capable and passionate, you can book your first hairstyling session with him/her. You can talk to him/her about your hair and the problems your hair is prone to. Let the hairdresser learn about your hair and personality; building credible relationships with your hairdresser will allow you to learn new tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and fine.

Once you click with a hairdresser, you will have no looking back. You can wear new styles as and when the fashion keeps changing and keep pace with the trends!

Your requirements

What is it that you need? Do you want to trim your hair or want more advanced services such as permanent hair coloring or a complete makeover?

If you just need a trim, you can visit the nearest salon that works out cheap. However, if you want a specialist service for your upcoming party or a new hairstyle to be worn for an event, it is better to seek the services of a qualified and trained hairstylist.

The choice also depends upon your preference. Try looking for a natural hairstylist if you want only herbal hair products to be used on your hair. However, if the style is more important, you can consider the other factors mentioned.

Now you can also find beauty professionals online; Cutify is a great place to explore.

Appearance of the salon

Visit the salon and check how it is maintained before you book for a service. If the hairdresser is absolutely serious and concerned about his/her clients, the salon will be well maintained.

The place needs to be kept neat to create a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere. You certainly cannot experience satisfaction at an untidy, unhygienic place. A warm welcome, friendly staff and short wait time would be appealing. You must feel comfortable and positive with the environment.

Hair beauty salons in London are generally maintained to the highest standards; check once before you go ahead.


You can check with your friends and colleagues to learn about the best hairdressers London. Watch out for the styles your friends wear; when you love one; don’t forget to ask where she got it done. References could be an easy way to zero in on the top hairdresser in London. You can also check with your neighbors and cousins.

Services available at the salon

What are the services offered at the salon? What are the services you are looking for?

While some salons specialize in hairstyling, some others work only on hair coloring. However, it is highly recommended to look for a beauty salon that provides all the hairdressing services under one roof. This will save your effort and time on looking for another hair specialist when there is a different requirement.

Love those extras?

A hair salon is a relaxing place as well. The best hairdresser in London will provide extras such as a cup of coffee or a glass of wine along with beauty magazines and comfy chairs. These are in no way related to your hairdressing but can go a long way in ensuring satisfaction. These small extras can be a treat when you are taking some time out for yourself.

How busy is the salon?

A busy salon indicates that the hairdresser is an expert. However, you will have to take an appointment to talk to him/her. Never mind, it is worth waiting. A lot of clients at the salon show that the business is serious and very professional. Your waiting time might be extensive but finally, you will end up wearing a lovely hairstyle!


Fashion, as said earlier keeps changing by the day. It is not worth paying huge sums whenever you are looking to get a new hairstyle. It is, therefore, necessary that you look for cheap hairdressers London. You must be offered full value for your money; in other words, the services you receive should be worth every penny. Enquire the prices at several worth-looking salons in town before you make any decision. However, price should not be the only criteria when choosing a hairdressing service because an expert will always charge a bit more than an inexperienced hairdresser. Generally, a higher price will indicate better services, experienced stylists and usage of top quality hair care products.

If you want a hairdressing service for any event or ceremony, choose an expert hairdresser even if his/her services are on the expensive side; a cheap hair salon London is sufficient if trimming is just what you require. Don’t waste your hard earned money!

Check Online

This is the age of internet, websites and social media. Every individual and business come with social accounts and websites. Check the portfolios of several hairdressers to learn how qualified and experienced they are. Look at the reviews for the quality of services and customer satisfaction here at Cutify.

You can stop your search when you come across a hairdresser that has done the hairstyle you are looking for. Also, check for their prices and location of the salon.

There are online sites for beauty services in recent times where you can browse through to book your hairdresser. The process is simple and effective; searching is easy and you will end up booking the right hairdresser. Cutify is one such place.

Check the stylists

How stylish is the hairdresser you met? Is he/she well dressed or wearing dirty torn jeans?

Well, you definitely want your hairdresser to be stylish, neat and tidy; don’t you? Trust builds from the first impression. If the hairdresser is not capable of taking care of his/her own appearance, how can you trust him/her to create a good look for you? So, check out how the hairdresser presents himself /herself. You can also consider talking to a couple of his/ her clients to get fully convinced.

Try; give your hairdresser a chance

After narrowing down on your search, try getting a trimming service or a simple nail art to find out how capable and professional the hairdresser is. You can also let him/her know that you are on the lookout for a top hair and beauty salon in London. This might provoke and make your hairdresser cautious and chances are that you will realize their full potential. If you are satisfied with your first service, you can later book an appointment for specialized hairdressing services.

However, if you are not satisfied with the hairdresser’s performance, you can let him/her know the same directly. There are beauty salons all over the place; there is no need for you to settle with something that is not satisfactory. Keep looking until you find the best one.

Start searching

Now you know what to look for when choosing a hairdresser, what are you still waiting for? Start your search and get set to find the right hairdresser in London. Once you are confident and happy with a hairdresser, you will never look for another one!

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