Guide to Grow Your Freelance Beauty Business

Starting a freelance beauty business can be both rewarding and challenging. If you’re already working in the beauty industry, you might feel the urge to leave your employer, start your own business and become your own boss. But before you take a drastic step like that, it’s important you understand the challenges that beauty professionals face. Not only do you have to worry about your beauty products and business model, but you need to promote the right emotions associated with your products and services.

You might be an extremely talented beauty expert, but one thing they don’t teach in beauty schools is how to run your own business. Nothing compares to your first day on the job as a beauty expert—between making ends meet financially, keeping clients happy, and finding the time to do it all, trust me, it’s a nerve-wrecking experience for many.

If you’re searching for ideas, tips, or advice on how to grow your freelance beauty business, then stay glued to this write-up as I walk you through the process step by step:

1. Have the right business skills

Beauty business entrepreneurs need to be as skilled in business management as they are in applying makeup or making hair. Many beauty business owners get business training to enable them effectively manage the business and its staff. A good way to stay on track is to draw up a business plan as this will help identify key costs, targets, and a plan for the everyday running of the business.

If you have plans to open a physical shopfront in the future, that’s a fantastic idea as it will help you grow even bigger as a brand. But starting as a freelance or mobile beautician will allow you gain clients and beauty experience without the initial investment of a premise and taking on staff. Additionally, it will help you build a customer base, which will minimize risk when you’re ready to take the big step.

2. Grow your network: utilize the web and social media

While it is good to do market research and analyze the demography of the area to help you understand how to target your local customers and what price to charge for your services; having a good online presence is an amazing way for you to showcase your skills and expand your network reach.

Setting up a website is not as daunting as most people think, it is now relatively easy with content management systems like WordPress. You can list your pricing and service, take bookings, and inquiries on your site.  You can also start a beauty blog/vlog, which is now a massive trend, and linking your webpage to your social media platforms will help attract more clients to your website which allows you to showcase your expertise and build a relationship with potential clients.

Talking about social media! It’s no secret that social media is the most-trendy topic right now. And no business will survive without it, so you need to get out there and get that social media audience. Facebook is the largest platform on social media with the highest number of active users per month, but Instagram is also a mega platform that can’t be ignored. Use every weapon in your arsenal to get clients rolling in, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it! Just make sure you’re very active and see the wonders of social media.

Other areas to consider:

Create an irresistible promotion: Seek a marketing source that has the ability to send targeted, skilled clients who pay for your service prior to their appointment and where you can offer upfront value that will always equate to trust, likeability, relationships, and backend profits. Leverage these sources properly and watch customers flood into your business. There are countless agencies now that specialize in driving traffic to websites. Get in touch with them and get new potential clients to your website.

Create an auto-responder: Once a client purchases your services, you will want to get them on your list. It will be essential to build a list of opportunities for your long-term achievement. It enables you to legally email other promotions, news, and specials to be set up and accomplished correctly with just a few mouse clicks, it also keeps your products, service, and company in the forefront and it helps create confidence, reliability, and make you the go-to authority in your region.

Create interesting and valuable emails: Make sure your clients find value in your automated email. Anything less will degrade your customer’s power, confidence, and likeability. In addition, ensure to properly plan out each email sent over a one to three-month period, including knowledge-based advice and tricks, specials and promotions.

3. Business reputation is key: Hire the right squad

The standard of service you are offering is crucial to retaining clients, so the staff you hire is hugely important. Investing in competent staff is worth it, especially if your background is predominantly in business and not beauty. They can also pass on knowledge to the less experienced members of staff. The beauty industry is a service industry so you need people with great interpersonal skills. And the same goes for you as the business owner. Beauty skills or not, as the owner of a business you need to have tireless people skills and stamina. With a great person to person flow, your clients will feel more comfortable and will be more likely to choose you next time because she/he has not just gotten a beauty expert for her/his beauty needs but also a friend and just partner.

For clients who seek a continues relationship, it’s always better to sell yourself first and not the services by asking questions to determine and assess the client’s needs. Being sincere, caring, and a good listener will allow you to address and meet the client’s needs, and help you sell more products and services subsequently.

Final thoughts

The beauty industry is expanding fast and this may be the perfect time for you to think about growing your freelance beauty business. With a thorough business plan, careful hiring, web and social media presence, needed skills, and the consideration of factors that will ensure smooth growth, you can give your freelance beauty business the right boost to help it grow in the beauty industry.

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