Benefits of Listing Your Salon or Beauty Business on Cutify

As a freelance beautician or a beauty salon owner in London, it can be tricky to find customers and gain credibility — especially when you’re going it alone. Perhaps you have created a logo and even created a website for your beauty business — Now what?

The most difficult part of any service-based business is finding a reliable source of potential clients that need your solutions. The good news is! You’re not alone. With Cutify, getting customers that need your service will be a thing of the past when you enlist your business on the platform. And hey! It’s totally free. Cutify is a booking platform for salon and beauty studio owners like yours. In other words, Cutify links your business to new clients. So if you’re a salon and beauty studio owner in London, enlist your business with Cutify today and watch clients flow in.

Why use Cutify? Am glad you asked

Expand your visibility: You can argue that social media is the best way to increase visibility, but my dear, social media is for everybody and it is designed to suit everybody and not just you. Social media can be used for all sorts of things like hookups, education, entertainment, just to name a few. But a platform like Cutify is tailored for one purpose only which is helping beauty clients find businesses like yours.  With an increased online visibility, there is no limits to the heights your beauty business can reach. Cutify is designed to make that happen. Cutify gives you the tools you need to reach out to customers.

Automated: Nobody likes stress. At Cutify, we make booking easy for your potential clients. Your service is presented clearly to your clients and all they need to do is to select the slot that best suits them. It’s that simple. You get more control and a busier schedule without making a phone call.

Help you save money on social media Ads: Do you know how much social media Ads cost in London? It can cost as much as £7 thousand a year, that is enough money to set up new beauty salons every year. You can list your business on Cutify for free with no added commissions and get targeted customers to your salon in no time. Social media will show your ads to whoever stumbles on it. But Cutify gets you clients that came online looking for your service and not just somebody random.

Listing is totally free: There are no signup fees or any cost when listing on Cutify. Other beauty platforms can charge as high as 35% which means 42% of your turnover when applied VAT, this leaves you with only 58% to pay all the business costs such as rent, employees, suppliers, and so on. In the end, you’ll have close to nothing left. With Cutify, our booking platform is free and we don’t charge commissions per booking.

Decrease no-show by 50%: If your beauty business is experiencing a no-show, Cutify is the booking platform you need to get clients flowing in. Cutify exposes your business to your potential clients telling them what you do and what they can expect working with you. Getting new customers is always the goal of all businesses and Cutify is here to solve that problem for you.

24/7 online booking: You cannot be available to clients 24/7 but Cutify can. With Cutify, you can get an appointment even while asleep.

Would you like to scale your beauty business to the top of the food chain in London? Am sure your answer is yes. Increase your reach by listing your salon on our platform and we’ll ensure to your salons’ optimum visibility and high conversion rates thanks to relevant contents like salon descriptions and relevant customer reviews. At Cutify our purpose is to help people find great local hairdressers, makeup & nail artists like you. Enlist with us today and allow us get you clients while you sleep.

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