5 Simple Makeup Ideas for Women

Behind the make-up, there are aspects of our personality and our character that comes out with the way we make up our eyes, our mouth, or the colors we use. Beautifying or accentuating certain facial features is actually an art that highlights personality and social status. Truth be told, we may not have the time to indulge in the lengthy processes, or appear with heavy makeup when a casual look fits in best.

Just like any other trend in fashion, technology, business, etc. The art of making up has also evolved into various areas and forms. However, in this article, we will dwell more on 5 simple makeup ideas that a woman can wear for a casual visit, to the office or place of work or to any other place or occasion and will not need you to hire a makeup artist or spend so much time perfecting this art.


One can say it is a trick but trust me; this is one of the makeup ideas that turn out well. Simple but at the same time, striking. It is the combination of lipstick and mascara. When wearing a very intense lipstick, you can also choose not to make up your eyes too much: you could do a light make-up, perhaps by applying a cream eyeshadow over the entire eyelid or opt for a well-curved eyelashes and plenty of mascara for a dramatic effect. To define the look, you can also fill the eyebrows well.

The choice of lipstick, on the other hand, is almost endless! Colors suits us differently, choose the one you like best and that best suits your complexion or the colors of the face. Don’t forget to create a homogeneous but at the same time natural and not too heavy base, and, if you like, complete the look with a veil of blush which could be a bit of the lipstick you wear, tapped on the cheeks.


Inherited from the ’50s pin-ups, this timeless combination is still in vogue and is always very effective and suitable for many occasions. To make it more modern you can also not choose red and prefer a plum, fuchsia or burgundy lipstick or any color will look great in combination with a line of eyeliner!

Want my advice? create the eyeliner line based on the tip of your eyelid: if it is not very visible you can make the line thicker and vice versa, you will better enhance a drooping eyelid or a hooded eye with a thinner line! If you are not very familiar with eyeliner, I recommend choosing one in pen or a gel eyeliner!


Amongst the above listed simple makeup ideas for women, this style can be considered the simplest, super-fast and does not require a lot of products. In order to commence, you will need only a gold-colored eye shadow to spread over the entire eyelid. Yes! you can leave the other areas of your face completely natural because the center of focus here is on the eye. However, you are not limited to just that, you are free to do some finishes on your faces.

To give more definition to the eye, the advice is to abound with mascara or to blend a brown pencil on the upper rim of the eye.

The result is elegance and sophistication: in short, minimum expense, maximum yield! This makeup idea is also suitable for a special evening, and being a very fresh and youthful look it is perfect for summer; moreover, gold-colored eyeshadows look great with tanned skin!


This is another look that you can simply create and still look super sexy and magnetic. It involves creating a very soft shade without the use of eye shadows: all you need is a fairly soft eye pencil and a small brush to blend it. This look is suitable for people who have little time in the morning to wear make-up but still want to look attractive. It is ideal for those who have light eyes and, perhaps, darker hair. But never forget that you will need some blending talent in order to get this perfectly.

The colors you can choose are endless: light brown, bronze and gold for those who love soft colors, brighter shades like teal, purple or blue for those who prefer to “dare” a little more!


Don’t mind the name but all therein is a stealth makeup on your face. It is suitable for all girls and women of all ages. By following some small tricks and with very few products available, you will make a very delicate make-up that will make you look immediately more beautiful, but without changing anything!

A super natural base, a veil of blush (the true secret of this look) and little mascara: these are the features that your make-up should have. For a super-light base, you prefer a BB cream with foundation and if you have any imperfections use it only after the concealer; if your skin has no particular problems, use a foundation or super-liquid or mineral. Apply a layer of blush and complete the look with a little mascara and a little definition of the eyebrows. A lip balm will suffice to moisturize the lips.  To add that extra feel, touch the bow of cupid and the upper part of the cheekbone with a voila. You’ll appear as gorgeous as you can ever be with a stealth makeup.

Final thoughts

There are a thousand, and one simple makeup ideas for women and these ones have been carefully chosen to suit any age from teens to oldies and can come in handy in several outings, parties, and visits. Having a look of what Cutify has to offer can be a good starting point.

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