10 Easy Wedding Makeup Ideas

While catering and seating arrangements might seem like the most important things to consider, bridal beauty should also be a top priority. wedding makeup requires a certain level of organization, and the earlier you start to think about it, the less stressful it will be.

Whether you’re employing a professional or doing it yourself, there’s plenty to consider. To avoid any beauty blunders, we’ve put together some helpful makeup ideas to help you look your best on your big day.

Stay hydrated

To make sure your skin is looking its’ very best, you need to put in some work prior to your big day. For this, makeup specialist recommends you up your water intake. You’ve probably heard this severally but it really works, “drink 3litres of water every day for at least two weeks before your wedding day and you’ll notice a vast improvement. Your skin will glow from within and you’ll also notice a huge difference to the appearance of fine lines and pores”.

Start early with skin care

Before thinking about makeup, you should get a good skin care routine in place. Invest in a toner that will help breakdown the dead and dull layers of your skin and reduce breakouts. Luxurious moisturizers can also do the trick. If you have very dry skin, include oil and heavier night cream to your skin care list.

Ace your base with primer

A primer might sound like another irrelevant step to add to your routine, but they work wonders in terms of making your makeup last longer. Adding primers to your skin care routine will not just guarantee a long lasting makeup, it will also ensure you look bright and radiant from the ceremony to the dance floor. You can choose from the numerous primer options available, from the ones that gives your skin a radiant glow to those that smoothen pores.

Don’t forget SPF (sun protection factor)

Some people will say that wearing an SPF under your makeup will cause flashback in your wedding photos but according to many experienced photographers that is not true at all. Celebrity photographer Chloe Lee said that “this only happens when photographed with direct flash fairly close to the face, which is something I don’t do personally at a wedding”. Rebecca Douglas, another professional photographer agrees, adding: “I have never noticed this and to be honest don’t want to advise against it as we’re having some really hot summer. “I think to omit SPF will be a health risk as I don’t see any issue in the image I capture”.

Blend, blend, blend

The type of foundation to be used will depend on your skin type and the overall finish you hope to achieve. The glowier the foundation the more you look less cakey. Very oily skins will do great with a matte finish as it will mix with your own oils for a more natural finish. The last thing you’d want is a patchy base, so blend the base properly as it’s vital to appear your best on photos.

If you’re employing a professional, ensure your makeup artist picks a foundation that will match your skin tone and sit perfectly on your skin. And make sure the foundation is blended down onto your collarbone but in doing so, confirm that there are no clear makeup lines and the collarbone blend is of the same shade with the face.

Invest in proper tools

If you’re the type that like using your fingers to apply makeups’, your wedding might be the right time to invest in some makeup tools because a brush will give you the most flawless finish and save you more time too. For the most airbrushed look, try the long-wear weightless foundation SPF.

Apply your makeup in natural light

Applying your makeup in the right environment is very crucial. Ideally, you should sit facing a large window for a good source of natural light. This hack is also perfect for photos as natural light is flattering on the skin tone and generally provides an even source of light. Which means you avoid harsh shadows that can be caused by artificial lights.

Embrace colours

If you’re a fan of colours, don’t be afraid to pack a little more punch into your bridal look. Against a white dress, add a touch more brush than usual to avoid looking washed out in photos. Makeup ideas are highly opinionated but I would recommend you use blue-ish pink tones in the cheek to brighten the skin and give you that gorgeous blush bride look. Picking a great lip colour is vital for your makeup. As with the eyes, lips are also important. I would favour a bold red lip which looks absolutely ravishing in bridal portraits; but a deeper red, or rose pink would also look great. However, avoid gloss as it can often look too shiny, especially in flash photography.

Aim to look yourself

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Your makeup should be a reflection of your personal style and not some makeup trend you saw in a fashion magazine. Your wedding day isn’t the time to take risk, so go with what will make you still feel like yourself.

Schedule a trial run

Professional or not, scheduling a trial run is an absolute must. Trial runs will give you the opportunity to try out several looks and refine the one you like until it’s perfect. Wear a similar dress to your wedding dress for the trial runs, if you wear a completely different dress for the trial but not on the day this can really change the overall look. Additionally, take tons of pictures during the trial runs to see the works both off and on camera, don’t forget to ask your friends and family for a second opinions.

Final thoughts

On your big day, keep these few things in mind and you’d do great; Lip colours are vital for a great photograph look, eye makeup can make or break your makeup, make sure you’re comfortable in whatever makeup you wear, trial runs are like preparing for an exam, if you prepare well you will definitely pass the exam. If you keep these few things in mind am sure looking your best on your wedding day wouldn’t be harder than finding your fiancé!

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