Cutify, the social beauty experience

The fact that we repeat with a hairdresser is because we had a great experience. Sometimes the name of the beauty salon does not matter to us as long as our favorite hairdresser is available. 

We also perceive that on many occasions, beauty services have a significant social component. Being expats, we have difficulties in finding beauty professionals speaking our language, leading to a communicative problem or communication difficulty and even to a lack of comfort. 

Cutify was born from these principles, as a response to an increasingly demanding public, which requires more specific skills from their hairdressers, makeup and nail artists.  

We wanted to create a booking platform for hair and beauty services where users easily find beauticians and hairdressers in their area speaking their language, and where professionals multiply the number of customers exposing themselves to a large number of potential clients. 

As a startup, our goal is to disrupt the beauty market in London, which is led by hair and beauty salons. We believe in a more flexible and decentralized approach where every individual can contact different beauty professionals and arrange appointments with them wherever and whenever they want.  

Enjoy treating yourself with the fantastic services of our hand-selected Cutifiers, and thank you so much for being a part of the Cutify community! 

With love, Team Cutify